Marty’s Place

Marty Stewart from Novatone & Rob Entwistle from Coastal
Front have teamed up to form Marty’s Place the Ultimate
This is an act created to provide live music at it’s best.
Top 40 song’s from Green Day, Red Hot Chilli Peppers &
Cold Plate through to your classic rock standards with all
sort’s of interesting twist & turn’s along the way.
Some Country, Punk , Blues, 70’s ,80’s,90’s to current hit’s ,
all mixed up to give a crowd what they want.
The ability to read a crowd & play what will work to win
them over. Marty is an amazing guitarist/singer joining forces
with Coastal Front’s great bass player/guitarist/singer Rob,
they can pick & choose to use backing tracks or just play live
providing a great variety of sound.
Outstanding musicianship, great technique, cool attitude
make this an act not to be missed.