Rock Solid

ROCK SOLID is an energetic and exciting duo that has hit the Sydney music scene specializing in a wide variety of hits from the Swinging 60° s and spanning over fifty years to the latest and greatest rock and dance hits of our time.

Theo farmakis features on vocals and guitar and is joined by the highly energetic and sassy Sara Key, with her amazingly versatile repertoire.

Theo has been performing in various bands since the age of fifteen, working with a multitude of musical genres. During his career, Theo has gained a reputation as being unparalleled in professionalism both on and off the stage.

Theo works as a professional guitarist and guitar teacher. Working as a fulltime vocalist and instrumentalist with an incredible amount of work under his belt, Theo has gained an enormous repertoire and is sure to please any crowd.

Sara has had a successful career in entertainment for over sixteen years covering a wide variety of areas within the industry. Sara has performed in the Fantasy Las Vegas show for the past nine years as a compere and singer working with full production dancers in a vibrant, modern extravaganza. Largely owing to the longevity of the production, Sara has been required to keep her material fresh and up to date; ensuring the regular devotees remain enthused and frequently come back for more! Sara’ s high energy and brilliant stage presence complement her extraordinary repertoire giving Sara the flexibility to entertain any audience, whether she is dancing on the tables or swooning to the more mature crowd, Sara is a consistently popular performer.

With hits spanning well over sixty years, ROCK SOLID have an enormous variety with their repertoire consisting of over Two-Hundred songs strategically selected from many popular genres, ensuring they please even the most avid music lover!