Hooray for Everything

Hooray For Everything have been on the live circuit for three
years and have quickly established themselves as one of Sydney’s
best duos having performed in just about every venue in and
around town including Penrith Panthers, Star City Casino, Rooty
Hill RSL and a swag of corporate and private gigs. They are the
only duo in Sydney to have a permanent residency at the
Courthouse Hotel being judged the favorite act ever to play the
Judgment Bar. Guilty as charged!
Consisting of the formidable talents of Andy Mayne and Juvena
Lee, they are also undoubtedly one of the best looking duos in
Sydney as voted by punters in a quick exit poll they do after every
gig. Vote 1 Hooray For Everything.
Juvena has worked as a model and an actress and has sung in a
variety of local acts in Sydney and has firmly planted her position
as the irreplaceable half of Hooray For Everything, enjoying a
legion of fans who come just to see her! How rude.
Andy is a founding member of
Jelly Bean Jam and has performed
in numerous acts over a fifteen year career in Sydney, including
Baby Loves To Cha Cha and Peppermint Jam and has established
himself as a formidable guitarist, able to play just about any style
whilst reciting poetry in an oriental language.
With these unique talents combined and over 200 songs to choose
Hooray For Everything has proved to be the perfect duo for
pubs, clubs and private functions for any occasion.