Two Pianos – Two Music Legends

One Night – Tour de Force

Tour De Force is the pairing of two of Australia’s most talented musicians to replicate the phenomenon that is Elton John and Billy Joel together on the one stage. The original “Tour De Force” began in 1994 and still continues on to this day with no sign of its popularity waning as Sir Elton John and Billy Joel continue to tour the world together, and in their own separate shows.

Elton Jack (Lance Strauss) & BigShot (Jimmy Mann) are undoubtedly this countries finest exponents of Elton John and Billy Joel as they replicate the sound that is synonymous with both artists. Musically the show has no peer as Lance Strauss and Jimmy Mann are backed by an accomplished band dedicated to providing the Elton John and Billy Joel sound including a sax/flute player.

The show starts with both artists on stage in intimate mode playing the classics Your Song & Just The Way You Are” before the band joins them and they launch into hits like My Life, Movin Out, I’m Still Standing, Don’t Let the Sun go down on Me, & all the major hits!

The show finishes how it began with just the two artists and two pianos playing Candle In The Wind & Piano Man. The dynamics of the show rise and fall between the power rock songs and beautiful ballads that are recognised the world over. It truly is a captivating concert experience.

The Elton Jack Story

Since 1989, the Elton Jack show has been in great demand for concert corporate and cabaret appearances. They have graced the stages from the Sydney Opera House to the Royal Albert Hall….from the beaches of St Tropez to the jungles of Borneo.

Fronted by the original Elton Jack (Lance Strauss) the show has become the world’s best known Elton John Tribute act, appearing before millions of people celebrating the music and lyrics of Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

“I was astonished when I saw him; he even has Elton’s Skin” John Reid (Elton John’s former manager)

The BigShot Story

The Bigshot story started in the early 1990’s with Jimmy Mann answering the call to do more and more Billy Joel songs in his solo and stage shows. Jimmy is an accomplished piano player who replicates the Billy Joel sound right down to the renowned harmonica intro in Piano Man. Jimmy has toured internationally with BigShot performing extensively through Asia on both cruise liners and 5 star hotels, showrooms and a royal command performance for the Sultan of Brunei. Jimmy Mann delivers the delicate ballads and the power rock songs of Billy Joel like no one else in the southern hemisphere!